Princess and her Rescuer

Princess and her Rescuer
A Hero is Made

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Exciting to See Postings

Hi All,
It has been an exciting last week as I have seen so many of you posting on the blog. Great job!! The weather has turned now into much more winter-like days and it is a perfect time to curl up on the couch or your favourite comfortable spot and read a good book!  I think this weekend will bring some time for me to do just that.

I have a few more questions for everyone to comment on for this week.
Here they are:
1) Miggery Sow and the princess have entirely different lives. How do they differ? What connects them nevertheless?
2) Describe Despereaux and Roscuro. What is special about their names? What about them is different to other mice or rats, respectively? How is the "normal" mouse or rat supposed to behave?
3) Imagine you have broken a rule and have been banished from your community. What would you miss most? If it meant you could return to the community, would you say you were sorry, even if you felt you had done nothing wrong.

Looking forward to reading all of your wonderful responses.  Reminder that our meeting is November 21st at 10:00. If you have checked your book out of the library, I would suggest that you hang on to it until after our book club meeting.  Our next book, CatBoy should be able to be found in our school library, if you do not want to buy it or cannot find it in your local library.  I know they have purchased a few e- book copies.

See you on the blog:)!
Mrs. Mc


  1. [1] The Pea and Miggery Sow are different by royalty and servant hood . They are the same age and their mothers are both dead.

    [2] Desperaux is smaller than a ordinary mouse, his name is disappointment in French . he also has big ears. His heart is full of love and bravness. a normal mouse is supposed to be afraid but not Desperaux. Roscuro he loved light and as we know a rat does not love light . Roscuros name meant light and darkness mixed together. He is a big and ugly and has a high pitched voice. [3] If I had broken a rule , and been banished I would tell them , that I had changed and that I was now trustworthy for what I had done.

    1. I like your thing about number 3. I would tell them that I would say sorry, if they would let me go that way, or if they would not.

  2. 1) Migery Sow is poor, and the Princess is rich. Both have lost their mothers.

    2) Despereaux means disappointment, he was named that because he is small, has big ears, and was born with his eyes open. He likes the light- but mice shouldn't like the light. They should scurry and hide from it. Roscuro the rat likes the light too, but rats shouldn't like light. They are supposed to be mean, and revengeful.

    3) I'm not sure what I would do. If I were banished I would miss my mom and dad. So because of that, I would want to apologize. But on the other hand- I would not want to apologize because I would want to stand up for love.

    1. Olivia Miles

      You make good points for question 3. I like that you give two sides to the question.

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    3. I think it is sad that both Miggery Sow and Princess Pea both lost their mothers.

  3. Olivia Miles

    1) Even though Migery Sow and the Princess have different lives, there are a few things that they have in common. Migery is poor and lives a life of servanthood taking orders and working hard while the princess is rich and lives the life of royalty. Princess Pea is not used to taking orders. Both Migery Sow and the Princess do not have mothers.

    2) Despereaux is an adventurous mouse with large ears. He is special because he was born with his eyes open which is unusual for mice. He is unlike other mice because he reads, likes light, likes the princess and plays with things in his surroundings rather than scamper around eating glue, paper, digging holes or finding food. His names means disappointment in French.
    Roscuro is a dungeon rat with a mysterious past. He is not like other rats because he likes light and goodness.

    3) If I had broken a rule and was banished from my community I would miss my family because they raised me and supported me and encouraged me. I would miss my mum because she teaches me and helps me when I need help in life. I would miss my dad because he is funny, smart and gives good back massages. I would miss my brother because he's always there for me even when we fight.
    Yes, I would say sorry because I couldn't live without my family. I would miss them terribly.

    1. Boy Olivia, you go really deep with this!
      on number 3, I would almost think the same thing as you, now that you said it! -Naomi

  4. 1 migery sow is differint because she has had ah horable ife and been beaten and the princess people would die if they even punched her and lived a happy life.
    2 the differince beetween a rat and a mouse is rats bee seen as nasty horible rats and mice are like still bad but cute and dont do bad stuff like rats
    3 yes i would say sorry but first id asc why i had to say sorry

  5. 1) Miggery Sow and the Princess differ in the way that Miggery has a life that we all can't imagine (except the author, of course!) She also is not a princess and has been beaten but the princess has lived a good and happy life that we can imagine and did not get beaten. Pea and Miggery don't have mothers; this is what connects them..

    2) Despereaux's name is special in the way that it is different than other names and that it sounds like the word 'desperate'.
    Roscuro's name sounds like it could have a little bit of Swiss in it, because of all the R's.

    Despereaux differs from normal mice because he is born with his eyes open. His ears are bigger than his head and he taught himself how to read and falls in love with the princess Pea. Normal mice are messy, do not know how to read, are born with their eyes closed, have no fur at birth and don't fall in love with princesses.
    Mice and rats are different with their looks. Mice look cute and fuzzy
    Roscuro loves light, is not as dirty as other rats and is partners with Miggery Sow. Normal rats hate light, raid garbages, are filthy and afraid of people.

    3) If I was banished from my community, I would miss my family, my pets and my friends the most.
    On one hand, I don't want to say sorry because I didn't do anything wrong. On the other hand, I think I would say that I was sorry because I would miss my family a lot. I'd miss my mom because she educated me and taught me right and wrong, my dad because he takes us along to get fire wood and he makes a joke of almost everything. I would miss my brother because it is no fun building a snow fort alone! -- Naomi

    1. I agree that if I was gone from everyone else, it would be no fun building a snow fort by yourself if it means that no one else will be able to have a snow fight with me.

  6. 1. Miggery Sow is not a princess, and Pea is. Miggery Sow and Princess Pea both lost their mother.

    2. The thing that is different between Despereaux and other mice, is that Despereaux has big ears, he was very tiny when he was born, he does not care that much about food, he likes music, and he was born with his eyes open.
    However, other mice love food, have normal sized ears, don't care about music, are average size for a mouse when they are born, and they are not born with their eyes open.
    Despereaux's name means something like despair.

    The thing that is different from Roscuro and other rats is that Roscuro likes light.
    The other rats do not care about light. They care about eating mice instead.
    Roscuro's name means the distribution of light and shade in a picture.

    3. If I had been banished from my community, I would miss my family and my friends the most.
    If I could return to my community for saying sorry to what I didn't even know what for, I would probably say sorry, because if I didn't say sorry, I would not be able to see my family and friends again, and I would not be good at surviving on my own. If I did, I would see my family and friends again and I would love it!

    Samara Wlodarczyk

  7. 1. Miggery Sow and the Princess Pea have entirely different lives because the princess is rich and lives a kingdom and has everything that she would want and Miggery Sow is poor and she is a servant but they are the same age and they have both lost their mothers.

    2. Desperaux is very very brave and he has very big ears. He is not scared like a mouse should be and because of that he disobeys the rules. Roscuro is pretty much like a normal rat. Maybe a bit more brave than the average rat and his name means the treatment of light and shade. And Desperaux's name means disappointment. The normal mouse or rat is supposed to be scared of humans and never let any human see them.

    3. If I had been banished from the from my community I would miss my family and friends so much. My new world would be filled with sadness, sorrow, and weakness. And if it meant that i would be set free and i could go back to my community if I said sorry even if I thought I had done nothing wrong I would not do it because that would sort of be lying.

    I think that all of the others students put an awesome answer. Probably even better than mine. Keep up the good work guys. (and girls) haha

  8. 1. Miggery Sow and Princess Pea are different because one wants to be a princess and one already is. But they are the same because they both live in the castle, they are both the same age and gender, and they both lost their mothers.

    2. Desperaux was born with his eyes open, and that was quite uncommon for a mouse, because most mice are terrified when they are still newborns. Desperaux also likes to read books, not eat them like most mice.

    And Roscuro loves light instead of darkness. Most rats love darkness and not light. Other rats try to convince him to like pain and torture, but all he wants is light.

    3. I would not survive if I was banished. I would really miss all my family, friends and pet. And a ten-year-old boy by himself on the streets would get kidnapped in minutes! I could never go back because I would always be an outcast.

  9. How far along is everybody in the book? I am in book 4 and almost finished. :) And remember the book club is on the 21 at 10:00

  10. 1) Miggery Sow is different from the princess in ways like Miggery Sow was a farmer servant before, and now she is a castle servant,and the princess was always a princess. Their similarities are stuff like the following, both their mothers died, they both liked the smell of soup,and they both liked the taste of soup.

    2)What makes Despereux different from other mice is that he always wants to take adventures, and normal mice are always cautious and safe.
    The thing that makes Roscuro different from every other rat is that he was also adventurous and he wanted to see the light. Other rats were very happy to live in the dark. Roscuro's ears were drawn to the sound of the king's musical instrument.

    3)If I got banished from my community by breaking a major law, the thing that I would miss the most is my family. I would say sorry for breaking a major rule so that I could be back in the community.

  11. 1.Mig is rather large and the Princess is rather slim. and both there Moms died.

    2.Desperouxs personality is brave and shy.
    And Roscuro personality is very bold and mean.

    3.If i got vanished from my town I would miss my family the most.
    And if I had done something wrong and i did not know. I would not say sorry because I thought I did no wrong.